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Big screen fare

Spider-Man: Homecoming

“The film is about Spider-Man facing what it means to be a hero, and what that entails. But instead of saying it as a fancy dialogue, it shows how great power brings great responsibility.”


“[As] he rides into the sunset, it’ll be a struggle for anyone who lived through this period to imagine someone else in the role. Logan’s excellence in being the perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will make it harder still.”

War for the Planet of the Apes

“That the story ultimately transcends our hero – the trilogy has always made it easy to root for the apes – is more than fitting. [The film] builds on a central tenet – ‘apes together strong’ – and sends out resonating values that we can all learn something from.”


The fruits of all that binge-watching

The Handmaid's Tale

“The show – like Atwood’s book – is a fictional representation of a future that has existed in the past, or exists in parts today, if you know where to look. It argues for us to be eternally vigilant, and by way of Offred’s tale, it shows us why that’s so important.”

Rick and BoJack

“Both like to deal with our place in the universe, and their shared love of subversive and upending tropes tends to leave the characters in psychological distress (rather than moments of shared joy) more often than not.”

Twin Peaks: The Return

“Yet for all its flaws, it’s great that Lynch isn’t simply interested in revisiting the glory days of Twin Peaks. A lesser showrunner would have given us more of what audiences loved from the show’s first season, the perfect nostalgia throwback to the past. Instead, Lynch is serving a continuation of the story 25 years later, while still being its own wacky thing.”


Up up down down left right left right B A

FIFA 18 / The Journey

“[By] continuing the Hunter story – which still has a national team run, and the Champions League on its likely roadmap – it’s created its own playable TV show of sorts, one you keep coming back to because you want to know more about the characters.”

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

“Don’t let the pretty family-friendly exterior of Mario + Rabbids fool you, this is a game that will have you pondering on how to best execute every turn without putting your characters in harm’s way, or risk having to restart all over again a dozen turns in.”

Thimbleweed Park

“Thimbleweed Park’s darkly humorous and self-referential approach, in combination with its oddball bunch of characters – everyone will have a different favourite – makes it an adventure well-worth pointing your cursor at.”


Guide, think-pieces, and the sort

Fitbit Charge 2

“When you’re trying to improve upon your most popular product, you’d better have some good ideas. With the Charge 2, Fitbit has brought its A game – giving it a much-needed upgrade in the screen real estate department along with a couple of new features. For most people then, [this] is the best fitness tracker available.”

Best keyboard app

“Picking the best keyboard is a challenge – so much depends on your personal preferences, for one thing. For us, out of all the available options, there isn’t a single, obvious winner. Rather, it’s a tie between two.”

Google and AI

“Over the long run, it would help Google establish itself as the best place to work with machine learning. In turn, Pichai said, the results would be used to improve all its services, with a focus on its most important products: Search and Assistant. That will pave the way for a shift in how people interact with technology, along with a corresponding shift in how it interacts with us.”