Are we there yet?

Technology has helped our driving in all sorts of ways. The question of can it make the jump takes us from the English town of Milton Keynes, California on the Pacific Coast to the southwest of Germany.


Part I

Fight for the driver’s seat: the UK vs Google – covers the British attempt to rival Google’s self-driving prototype with one of its own.

European automakers: driver assists and something more – deals with the approach and innovation of manufacturers in Europe.

Part II

Now what? Problems and the bigger picture – tackles the drawbacks of driver assistance technology and puts things in context and conclusion.

Part III

Are we there yet? is an in-depth look at the state of affairs in Europe regarding the future of driving. The wheel, crucial to the operation of a moving object, was invented circa 3500 BC. Since then – from oxen, horses, camels to mechanical engines – humans have been in the driver’s seat.


Developments in the field of driver assists and autonomous driving in recent years suggest a revolution is around the corner. Are we there yet? is a three-part story that looks at two very different ideas that contribute to what may be a common purpose.


Note: For all purposes of this work, the words self-driving, driverless, autonomous and robotic cars mean and refer to the same thing.

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