Akhil Arora

As a journalist, he covers the intersection of technology, pop culture and video games. He views everything in life through the lens of criticism, being a self-proclaimed nonconformist, and continuously questions his opinions. And at times like these, Akhil often talks in third-person.

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mumbai x london.

He has attended and written about events across three continents, from the New York International Auto Show to the London Comic Con. Currently based in the city of Mumbai, India, Akhil works for one of India’s biggest news websites in NDTV.

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beyond work.

Akhil has a passion for cameras, typography and layouts which showcases itself in time-consuming ways such as spending hours poring over font choices, or days creating a hyperlapse. In the remaining free time, you will find him shaping a football club’s destiny inside a game.

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