The 10 Best Movies of 2022

From Iran to France, and from Ireland to South Korea.


The 10 Best TV Shows of 2022

In a year when proper dramas hit back.


Avatar: The Way of Water review

James Cameron delivers the biggest ‘video game movie’ ever.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League review: overambitious, strange, and indulgent

It does shine in a thrilling half-hour, deep into the movie.


PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X

Time for a next-gen showdown.


PlayStation 5 review: new era, half jump

Next-gen is expensive.

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Xbox Series X review: old wine made new

Ready for next-gen, but it isn’t here yet.

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Disney’s Mulan is not bold—or smart—enough

It panders too much to Chinese interests, and squanders the potential it had.

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The best TV shows of the 2010s

I watched a lot of TV this decade — it became work halfway in — so I figured I’d make something out of it.


Indian Matchmaking is what we deserve

Netflix keeps making regressive reality TV because people keep watching it.



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The world of autonomous driving

An inside look at the efforts of European car-makers, private stakeholders and legislators to help mould the future of driving.