House of the Dragon: who’s Team Black and who’s Team Green?

As the war builds in season 2, the Targaryens and their vassals have been split into two camps: Team Black and Team Green. So, who’s in which one?

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Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2
Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

At the start of House of the Dragon season 2, there’s a split down the middle. Following the dragon-on-dragon confrontation that led to the death of a young prince, Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen declared war on the usurpers who took the Iron Throne from her. Naturally, House of the Dragon’s many characters must pick a side. It’s Targaryen versus Targaryen and, in some cases, it’s brother against brother. So, who’s on which side? Allow me to help you out.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all the shared last names—and at times even shared first names—don’t worry. House of the Dragon has a built-in dress code of sorts. There’s Team Black and Team Green. “Okay but how did that happen?” you ask. It all harkens back to the moment Queen Alicent Hightower showed up late to Rhaenyra’s (first) wedding, wearing the colour of her house, Hightower. Thereby, in turn, giving Team Green its name. Rhaenyra is black because it’s the colour she wears the most. Also, red and black are the Targaryen colours.

Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon season 2

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While Team Black supports Rhaenyra Targaryen’s claim to the Seven Kingdoms, Team Green is standing behind King Aegon II Targaryen, the firstborn son of the late King Viserys I Targaryen. Which faction will emerge on the winning side? Well, you will have to watch the show to find that out. (Or read the book, Fire & Blood, it’s based on.) But if all you want is to track who’s on Team Black or Team Green, read on.

Team Black in House of the Dragon cast

Rhaenyra Targaryen

The Queen, the rightful heir, the daughter of the late Viserys I, and the third wife of Daemon, Rhaenyra was picked by her father as his successor.

She has three children—Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey—from her late lover Harwin Strong though they carry the last name of her first husband, Laenor Velaryon. She has two more—Aegon and Viserys—from her second marriage to her uncle Daemon.

She declares war on Team Green after losing Lucerys to the actions of Aemond and Vhagar.

Emma D’Arcy plays Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2
Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Theo Whitman/HBO

Daemon Targaryen

The younger brother of Viserys I and the second husband of his niece Rhaenyra, Daemon is considered one of the most fearsome warriors of his time. But he’s also impulsive and unpredictable, which is why his brother passed him over and picked Rhaenyra as his heir. Daemon has two daughters—Baela and Rhaena—from his second marriage in addition to the two with Rhaenyra.

Matt Smith plays Prince Daemon Targaryen.

Rhaenys Targaryen

The first cousin of Viserys I and wife to Corlys Velaryon, Rhaenys was passed over for the Iron Throne by her grandfather King Jaehaerys I. As such, she’s known as the Queen Who Never Was. When the King’s pick died, she was presented as a choice alongside Viserys I but the lords of Westeros (naturally) picked a man over a woman.

Placed under house arrest by Team Green and feeling Alicent is perpetuating the system that denied her the throne, Rhaenys decides to join Team Black and help Rhaenyra get what’s rightfully hers.

Eve Best plays Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

Corlys Velaryon

The Lord of the Tides and husband to Rhaenys, Corlys commands a massive naval fleet that has made him among the richest men in Westeros. He’s also known as the Sea Snake, named after a famous ship that’s part of the fleet. Given he’s Rhaenys’ husband, he’s no doubt on Team Black.

Steve Toussaint plays Lord Corlys Velaryon.

Jacaerys Velaryon

The first child of Rhaenyra and Laenor by name, Jacaerys is Rhaenyra’s heir. As a child, he played a prank on Aemond and the two have never seen eye to eye. Jacaerys rides the dragon Vermax.

Harry Collett plays Prince Jacaerys Velaryon.

Baela Targaryen

The first child of Daemon and his second wife Laena Velaryon, Baela became a ward of Rhaenys following her mother’s untimely death. Baela rides the dragon Moondancer. Rhaena is her twin sister.

Bethany Antonia plays Lady Baela Targaryen.

Baela and Rhaena Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2
Bethany Antonia and Phoebe Campbell as Baela and Rhaena Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

Rhaena Targaryen

The second child of Daemon and his second wife Laena Velaryon, Rhaena has a dragon egg with her that has yet to hatch. Baela is her twin sister.

Phoebe Campbell plays Lady Rhaena Targaryen.

The rest of Team Black

Unlike his twin brother, Ser Erryk Cargyll (Elliott Tittensor) doesn’t believe Aegon II is fit to rule. He helped free Rhaenys and later joined Rhaenyra’s Queensguard after handing her Viserys I’s crown.

Prince Joffrey Velaryon (Oscar Eskinazi), the third child of Rhaenyra and Laenor by name, is too young to play a significant role in the war. That is also the case for Daemon and Rhaenyra’s two boys, Prince Aegon and Prince Viserys Targaryen.

Alyn of Hull (Abubakar Salim)—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—is a young sailor who saved the Sea Snake’s life in battle at the Stepstones.

Addam of Hull (Clinton Liberty)—new to the season 2 cast—is Alyn’s brother and a shipwright for the Velaryon fleet.

Ser Steffon Darklyn (Anthony Flanagan) is a knight on the council and commander of Rhaenyra’s Queensguard.

Ser Lorent Marbrand (Max Wrottesley) is a knight on the council and a member of Rhaenyra’s Queensguard.

Maester Gerardys (Phil Daniels), the maester at Dragonstone, is a healer and advisor to Rhaenyra. Naturally, then, he’s on Team Black.

Ser Alfred Broome (Jamie Kenna)—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—is a gruff knight on Rhaenyra’s council.

Lord Bartimos Celtigar (Nicholas Jones) is a traditionalist member of Rhaenyra’s council.

Lord Gormon Massey (James Dreyfus) is a member of Rhaenyra’s council and father to her lady-in-waiting, Elinda Massey.

Lord Simon Staunton (Michael Elywn) is a loyal member of Rhaenyra’s council.

Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon season 2
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Theo Whitman/HBO

Team Green in House of the Dragon cast

Alicent Hightower

The former Queen, the widow of the late King Viserys I, and the daughter of Otto Hightower, Alicent was once Rhaenyra’s best friend. Their paths diverged after Alicent became Queen and gave Viserys an heir. The division was set in stone when Alicent began looking out for the interests of her kids—Aegon II, Helaena, Aemond, and Daeron—on the advice of her father.

Olivia Cooke plays Queen Dowager Alicent Hightower.

Otto Hightower

The Hand of the King and the father of Alicent Hightower, Otto has served three kings, including Viserys I and Alicent’s son Aegon II. Otto is a master schemer—he’s used his position’s influence to advance his house. It was he who pushed and groomed Alicent to marry Viserys I and began plotting his dynasty’s rise to the throne ever since Aegon II was a baby.

Rhys Ifans plays Ser Otto Hightower.

Criston Cole

The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Criston was once all Team Black, given Princess Rhaenyra and he were closer than the Seven would allow when he was a member of Viserys I’s Kingsguard. Criston swore off her after she refused to run away to Essos and joined the Queen’s side, who saved him at his lowest. Criston rose to his new position after Aegon II usurped the throne.

Fabien Frankel plays Ser Criston Cole.

Aemond Targaryen

The third child of Viserys I and Alicent, Aemond lost his left eye in a brawl with his nephews after claiming the dragon Vhagar to which they felt entitled to. Aemond is responsible for triggering the war after his desire to taunt Lucerys and Arrax turns lethal.

Ewan Mitchell plays Prince Aemond Targaryen.

Criston Cole, Aemond Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2
Fabien Frankel as Criston Cole and Ewan Mitchell as Aemond Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

Aegon II Targaryen

The first child of Viserys I and Alicent, and the husband of Queen Helaena, Aegon II is a self-destructive man-child who would rather while away his days drinking wine than rule the Seven Kingdoms. But he’s the puppet Alicent needs to ensure legitimacy for their claim to the Iron Throne.

Tom Glynn-Carney plays King Aegon II Targaryen.

Helaena Targaryen

The Queen, the second child of Viserys I and Alicent, and the wife of King Aegon II, Helaena is more interested in insects than what’s going on in the Seven Kingdoms. Helaena doesn’t care for Aegon II and is merely doing what’s expected of her. She tends to speak cryptically though there might be more to her words, given one of her lines foreshadow Aemond losing his eye.

Pha Saban plays Queen Helaena Targaryen.

Tyland Lannister

The Master of Ships and the younger twin of Jason Lannister, Tyland helped Otto Hightower usurp the throne and place Aegon II on it. He’s known to be a calculated and skilled politician, and responsible for orchestrating House Baratheon to Team Green’s side.

Jefferson Hall plays Ser Tyland Lannister.

Larys Strong

The master of whisperers, Larys is the closest thing House of the Dragon has to Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger. He walks with a cane due to a birth defect that earned him the nickname Clubfoot. He sows the seeds of discontent between Alicent and Rhaenyra. Larys orchestrated the death of his father and brother to ingratiate himself further with Alicent.

Matthew Needham plays Lord Larys Strong.

Larys Strong in House of the Dragon season 2
Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

The rest of Team Green

Ser Arryk Cargyll (Luke Tittensor) may not think Aegon II is fit to be king, but he thinks it’s the right thing to do as a member of the Kingsguard. His twin, Erryk, doesn’t share his views.

Grand Maester Orwyle (Kurt Egyiawan), a scholar and healer, who provides counsel to Aegon II.

Lord Jasper Wylde (Paul Kennedy), the Master of Laws, also helped Otto put Aegon II on the throne, so he’s naturally Team Black.

Ser Gwayne Hightower (Freddie Fox)—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—the son of Otto and brother to Alicent, who is arrogant and hails from Oldtown.

Ser Simon Strong (Simon Russell Beale)—new to the season 2 cast—the great uncle to Lord Larys, who serves as castellan of Harrenhal.

Ser Martyn Reyne (Barney Fishwick) and Ser Leon Estermont (Ralph Davis)—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—are knights, friends and flatterers of King Aegon II.

Eddard “Red Ned” Waters (Tok Stephen)—new to the season 2 cast—is a bastard hedge knight who serves King Aegon II.

Ser Rickard Thorne (Vincent Regan)—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—is a member of Aegon II’s Kingsguard.

Apart from this, there are a few characters we’ve either barely or never seen. Prince Daeron Targaryen, Viserys I and Alicent’s fourth child, is off learning in Oldtown. Prince Jaehaerys and Princess Jaehaera Targaryen, Aegon and Helaena’s twin son and daughters. And lastly, Prince Maelor Targaryen, Aegon and Helaena’s third child and second son.

Neither Team Green nor Team Black (for now)


Once Daemon’s paramour and a brother proprietor, Mysaria provided information to Otto hoping to improve the conditions in Flea Bottom. But the move didn’t work as she expected it to. She’s known as the White Worm.

Sonoya Mizuno plays Lady Mysaria.

Jason Lannister

The Lord of Casterly Rock, Jason is proud and arrogant. He once asked for Rhaenyra’s hand but was turned down. He will likely be part of Team Green given his brother is on it.

Jefferson Hall—who plays his twin Tyland—also plays Lord Jason Lannister.

Jacaerys Velaryon, Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon season 2
Harry Collett as Jacaerys Velaryon and Tom Taylor as Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon season 2 // Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

Cregan Stark

The Lord of Winterfell—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—Cregan does not forget an oath like the Starks before him. Rhaenyra sent her son and heir Jacaerys to Winterfell to secure him for her cause. Will he be swayed?

Tom Taylor plays Lord Cregan Stark.

Jeyne Arryn

The Lady of the Eyrie—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—Jeyne is described as the “cunning Maiden of the Vale”. Rhaenyra sent Jacaerys to Eyrie to pledge her support to Team Black. But will she agree, given the suspicious nature of the death of Rhea Royce—a subject of hers and Daemon’s first wife?

Amanda Collin plays Lady Jeyne Arryn.

Oscar Tully

The heir to Riverrun—new to House of the Dragon season 2 cast—Oscar is the grandson of Grover Tully and the future Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. At the end of season 1, Daemon said he would fly to Riverlands and personally see Grover. But there’s no mention of him in season 2, only his young grandson.

Archie Barnes plays Ser Oscar Tully.

Akhil Arora