The Boys season 4 cast: who’s back and who’s new?

New supes, new family, and fractures in both The Boys and The Seven. Welcome to the fourth season of the Prime Video series.

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Antony Starr, Cameron Crovetti in The Boys season 4
Antony Starr as Homelander and Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher in The Boys season 4 // Photo: Jasper Savage/Prime Video

YEAHHH BOY—The Boys is back! It’s a time of major upheaval in the fourth season of Amazon Prime Video’s anti-superhero series. Homelander is getting a stronger grip on power, with help from rising Congresswoman Victoria Neuman who is closer than ever to being in the White House. He’s also swayed his supe son Ryan to his cause. And—as the final frames of the third season showed—we’re now in an America that’s openly cheering murder. Butcher has not only lost Becca’s son but also his job as the leader of The Boys. Rightly so. So, can Ryan and the world be saved?

“I don’t think the game’s over yet,” The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly. “I think [Ryan] saw this one thing and I think we should all be afraid because if he becomes another Homelander, that’s obviously really bad for the planet. But he’s still Becca’s kid and there’s still a shot that Butcher can pull him into the light.” That figurative tug of war for Ryan’s soul, as it’s being termed, will be central to The Boys season 4. Of course, we will be treated to a lot more along the way, given the size of the show’s ensemble.

With that, let’s look at the massive cast of The Boys season 4. In addition to 13 returning members, we have half a dozen new faces, with at least two of them joining the main cast. Additionally, a couple more are crossing over from the spin-off Gen V.

When is The Boys season 4 out? It premieres Thursday, June 13 on Prime Video with three episodes. A new episode will drop every following week, with the season 4 finale due July 18. A fifth season has already been ordered.

The Boys season 4 cast—returning main cast

Karl Urban, Billy Butcher

Urban returns as Billy Butcher, the leader of The Boys who listens to no one but himself. At the end of the third season, Butcher learnt that his frequent usage of V24—the 24-hour dose of Compound V that grants you superpowers—has made him terminally ill and that he only has 12–18 months left to live.

Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty in The Boys season 4
Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell and Erin Moriarty as Annie January in The Boys season 4 // Photo: Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Jack Quaid, Hughie Campbell

Quaid plays Hughie Campbell, the series’ co-protagonist and a member of The Boys who’s never too keen on Butcher’s way of doing things. Hughie begins taking V24 in the third season to feel better about himself but realises his error after his supe girlfriend Annie learns about it.

Antony Starr, Homelander

Starr is back as Homelander, the egotistical leader of The Seven and the chief antagonist of the show. Unlike his public image as a noble superhero, Homelander is self-centred and only cares about protecting himself.

Erin Moriarty, Annie January/Starlight

Moriarty plays Starlight, one of the rare supes in The Boys who believes in doing the right thing. A former member of The Seven, Starlight was effectively a hostage in the third season. Having found a way out, she’s now a part of The Boys.

Jessie T. Usher, Reggie Franklin/A-Train

Usher returns as A-Train, a member of The Seven and the world’s fastest man. In the third season, he tried to rebrand himself as an African American supe who’s working for the good of the community. His continued addiction to Compound V led to heart failure and a subsequent transplant.

Laz Alonso, M.M./Marvin T. Milk

Alonso portrays M.M., the second-in-command of The Boys who helps ensure that Butcher’s worst impulses are kept in check. In the third season, M.M. tries to repair his relationship with his daughter Janine.

Chace Crawford, Kevin Moskowitz/The Deep

Crawford plays The Deep, a member of The Seven who has gills and can breathe underwater. In the third season, The Deep was welcomed back into The Seven to spite Starlight’s rise to co-captain. Meanwhile, his relationship with Cassandra ends after he tries to have a threesome with sea creatures.

Susan Heyward, Colby Minifie, Chace Crawford in The Boys season 4
Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett and Chace Crawford as the Deep in The Boys season 4 // Photo: Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Tomer Capone, Serge/Frenchie

Capone is back as Serge, the most intelligent member of The Boys who dreams of living a life with Kimiko away from all the vigilante stuff. Frenchie got involved with his past in the third season and needed Kimiko to come to his rescue.

Karen Fukuhara, Kimiko Miyashiro

Fukuhara portrays Kimiko, the first female member of The Boys whose biggest weapon is her empathy. Kimiko was heavily injured after a confrontation with Soldier Boy in the third season. Initially overjoyed at the loss of powers and the chance of a normal life, Kimiko opted to return to Compound V to protect the ones she loves.

Nathan Mitchell, Black Noir II

Mitchell plays Black Noir II, the full-costumed member of The Seven. He previously played the silent and stealthy Black Noir—in season 3, we learnt that Solider Boy seriously injured him on a mission. Homelander killed Black Noir later that season. Unlike the original, Black Noir II talks.

Colby Minifie, Ashley Barrett

Minifie returns as Ashley Barrett, the CEO of Vought International—the company behind The Seven—whose title exists all but in name. It’s Homelander who’s really in charge. Owing to the stresses of her job, Ashley suffers from trichotillomania and has all but lost her hair.

Claudia Doumit, Victoria Neuman

Doumit plays Victoria Neuman, previously the founding director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs who’s revealed to be the infamous Head Popper. Her birth name is Nadia Khayat, and she is the adopted daughter of Stan Edgar, the former CEO of Vought. In the fourth season, Neuman continues her ascent up the American political ladder.

Cameron Crovetti, Ryan Butcher

Crovetti, who plays Homelander’s son, Ryan Butcher, has been promoted to the main cast for The Boys season 4. Ryan spent most of the third season in a safe house before Victoria revealed his location to Homelander. He chose his biological father over his stepfather Billy and was introduced to the public soon after.

The Boys season 4 cast—new additions

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Karl Urban in The Boys season 4
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys season 4 // Photo: Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, TBA

It was announced in August 2022 that Morgan will be a recurring guest star in The Boys season 4. There’s no word on who he’s playing though, with Amazon keeping his role under wraps.

Morgan is best known for playing Negan Smith in The Walking Dead between 2016–22. He reunites with Kripke who was the creator of Supernatural.

Rosemarie DeWitt, Daphne Campbell

In December 2022, DeWitt was cast as Hughie’s absent mother. While everyone assumed that Daphne was long dead, it was revealed at the end of the second season that she had left the Campbells when Hughie was six years old.

DeWitt is best known for the 2020 miniseries Little Fires Everywhere. Her most recent role was in the coming-of-age movie Out of My Mind, which premiered at Sundance 2024.

Susan Heyward, Sister Sage

Heyward joined The Boys season 4 cast in October 2022 as Sister Sage who is described as being “a thousand steps ahead of you”. Does that mean she’s clairvoyant?

She had a recurring role in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black from 2018–19. Heyward has also played Rose Granger-Weasley in the Broadway production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Valorie Curry, Firecracker

Curry’s inclusion in The Boys season 4 cast was also announced in October 2022. She plays Firecracker whose love for guns is matched by her patriotic American red, white, and blue costume.

This is the second superhero project for Curry after Amazon’s The Tick from 2016–19. She was last seen in the Peacock series The Lost Symbol.

Susan Heyward, Valorie Curry in The Boys season 4
Susan Heyward as Sister Sage and Valorie Curry as Firecracker in The Boys season 4 // Photo: Jasper Savage/Prime Video

Rob Benedict, Splinter

Benedict is another addition to The Boys season 4 cast. He will play Splinter, a supe who can replicate and split himself. This likely makes him a parody of Marvel’s Multiple Man.

Like Morgan, he is another Supernatural alum. Benedict was last seen in a 2024 episode of Law & Order.

Elliot Knight, Colin

Little is known about Knight’s new character Colin unless you wish to believe unsubstantiated leaks from an Instagram account. According to those, he’ll be romantically involved with Frenchie and is the son of a judge who went after Russian mob moss Little Nina, Frenchie’s ex-employer.

Knight is best known for playing the title character in the 2012 series Sinbad. He was last seen in the 2023 action thriller Your Lucky Day.

Maddie Phillips, Cate Dunlap

After turning into the villain in Gen V, Phillips returns as the telepathic Cate Dunlap in The Boys season 4. In it, she’ll be helping Homelander.

Asa Germann, Sam Riordan

The same goes for Germann’s Sam Riordan, who also turned into the antagonist in Gen V. He will use his superhuman strength to help Homelander alongside Cate.

Akhil Arora